A partnership committed to the very best in vehicle performance and precision.

There is nothing in motorsport to match the diversity, spectacle and sheer exhilaration of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). The WRC is one of the most renowned and important motorsport competitions in the world. It unites and fascinates people worldwide, demonstrating motorsport passion and technological innovation.

Our partnership with the WRC builds on Wolf’s continued drive for exceptional engineering and precision in everything we do. Wolf Lubes is committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and performance, with products that set new standards of reliability and protection.

What may seem trivial to others matters to us. Extensive preparation, in-depth market knowledge, and a strong teamwork can all make a significant difference.

In our rapidly changing industry, just as in the WRC, you need to be well-prepared and be able to anticipate what will happen next. It’s about leaving nothing to chance.

The FIA World Rally Championship is a partner that sets the benchmark in high performance rallying, with drivers and co-drivers who take their vehicles to the very limits, testing their engines to the extremes.

Lubricants are an essential part of motorsport and both WRC Promoter and Wolf are enjoying international growth and share future objectives. This is why our partnership with the WRC is the right one.

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