Nothing brings engines to life quite like Wolf lubricants. That’s what makes us so ‘vital’.

We cater to the latest generation of engines with cutting-edge lubricant products and additive technologies, delivering the highest levels of quality and performance. The precision we put into the development of our products is ‘vital’ in providing the reliability and protection required by engines and by our customers.

And because Wolf provides garage owners the guidance and support tools they require to ensure their workshop is ready to service the future needs of their customers, we are equally ‘vital’ to them.

As blending specialists, we excel in blending tailored, technology-enhanced lubricants that make engines better, faster, greener and cleaner. Over the years we have established unique collaborations with the most prestigious additive companies. These partnerships give us direct access to the latest technologies and formulations.

Our products are known to deliver high performance, meeting and often exceeding the latest industry standards and OE specifications which is why they are approved by the world’s leading car manufacturers. This highest level of performance can only be achieved by relentless focus on every single detail.

A partnership committed to the very best in vehicle performance

Precision drives Perfection