Wolf lubricants increase the lifespan of lubricants and keep engines young.

With the increasing sophistication and performance of modern engines, lubricants need to withstand accelerated deterioration making it indispensable to develop formulations that extend the longevity of oils and consequently the lifespan of engines. This is why Wolf is committed to developing and formulating innovative lubricants that can step-up the efficiency and protection of future engines.

Our products are known to deliver high performance, meeting and often exceeding the latest industry standards and OE specifications which is why they are approved by the world’s leading car manufacturers. This highest level of performance can only be achieved by relentless focus on every single detail. All our lubricants are the result of the most optimized formulations, where finding the right balance between all the different components and additives is of vital importance.

Even more important than ever before, we need to develop lubricants with the right balance, the right composition, with microscopic precision, of all the technological components. Wolf lubricants consist of a sophisticated combination of active ingredients that create complex interactions to ensure our product solutions maintain their properties fully so that engines perform more efficiently for longer.

Modern high-performance engines require a new generation of lubricants capable of maintaining their qualities. To this effect, Wolf is introducing a proprietary technology that contains as many as 20 active ingredients to form a unique Multifactor Oil Serum complex. This serum is specifically formulated to reduce oxidation and to keep engines younger for longer, while curbing emissions and helping to reduce harmful pollutants.

It’s the sophisticated balance and combined interactions of these active ingredients that have a vitalising effect on the oil over time. This ensures Wolf lubricants maintain their properties for longer, so that engines can deliver optimum performance between increasingly long service intervals.

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