The Wolf Power Stage is the final stage of every rally. Drivers go all-in during this stage, whether it’s to climb up in the ranking of that specific rally or to collect the additional World Championship points that are granted to the five fastest drivers of the Wolf Power Stage.

Needless to say, the Wolf Power Stages plays a crucial role in defining who will clinch the FIA World Rally Championship title!

The winner of the Wolf Power Stage receives five additional points, following with four points for the second driver, three for the third driver, two for the fourth and one for the fifth placed driver. This means that even when a driver has had some bad luck during the other stages of the rally, he still has a chance to collect vital points in his drive for victory. With that much at stake, the Wolf Power Stage often becomes a tactical game between the drivers and team.

The Wolf Power Stage is broadcasted live and ends with a podium ceremony on the last day of the rally.

Experience the thrill of the Wolf Power Stage